Skid Steer / Excavating Service

Residential Dirt Work provides professional Skid Steer and Excavating services for residential and commercial projects in East Alabama and surrounding areas.  

What are Skid Steer and Excavating Services? 

Skid Steer/ Excavating services can be defined as earth moving and leveling using heavy equipment to prepare a site for construction or landscape installation. Skid Steer/ Excavating services usually consist of the following: 

  • Moving dirt around to level property once rough grade has been established

  • Establishing the right grade for drainage purposes

  • Any filling, leveling, and grading

  • Debris and trash removal

  • Utilities trenching and excavation (water, power, gas, and sewer lines)

  • Retaining walls

  • Drainage lines and French drains

  • Building pads

  • Demolition

  • Gravel driveway installation and repair

Skid Steer and Excavating Service sounds expensive. How much will it be? 

We are Skid Steer and Excavating specialists with over 23 years of experience. We offer affordable and professional Skid Steer and Excavating services for residential and commercial projects. To get started with a quote you can contact us via call or text at (334) 707-0818, email us at, or fill out our easy online request form